About us

Diana Figueroa’s Group focuses on the production of documentary films, animation, series and other entertaining formats. It’s well established in the world of productions, television and media, with the most recognized television networks; the Group has operations in more than 7 countries of Latin America.

Some of the assignments done are related to adverts on radio and TV for well-known brands, such as Heineken, McDonald’s, Dr. Scholl’s and Coca Cola, as well as TV series for Telemetro Panama, MTV, VH1, HBO, CBS, Spike TV, Discovery Channel, The Vidal Partnership, among others.

Today, Diana Figueroa’s Group has a worldwide renowned brand thanks to the talent of a multidisciplinary team, seen through original scripts that are created according to the customers’ ideas and requirements.
We structure, split content and generate it for several digital targets and ages.

Corporate Philosophy

The company transforms customers’ ideas into visual images, guarantees high quality during all task process: pre- production, production, filming and post production. It markets the final products to several distributors in the Latin American context.

Since last years Latin American TV series and other productions have been recognized for their quality, resourcefulness and commitment of their productions. We represent those values using our work as the best sample of it.

We offer cutting-edge technology, solid leadership, and the capability of coproducing simultaneously with TV producers, networks or countries in the American continent.

Corporate Values