The Producer


Discipline and persistence

Artistic vision and executive production: two statements that define Diana Figueroa’s job. A professional recognized in Latin America, who evaluates, carries out, supervises and monitors the development of communication strategies that brings to the conception of documentary contents and TV series in Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, among other countries.

She is a creative, dynamic and bilingual sales executive. Her skills focus on marketing and strategic planning in media and other markets throughout Latin America. Diana implements new business concepts and delivers innovative business solutions. In addition, she has proven communication skills and leadership.

Her experience occurred in the television world and as Public Relations Officer and Commercial Executive Officer of TV, cable TV and Theatrical products for a known film distribution company in Miami.

• Prepare all the related contracts.
• Participate in the buying process for the filmed product at the International Film Festivals.
• Plan, Design and implement new business distribution model and business opportunities.

Those products, sold to different media in Central and South America, positioned her name among Latin American producers and marketers.

This background impulses her to create her own company, involving a multidisciplinary team with expertise in audiovisual and communication media with international range and quite profitable ones.




About Diana

A challenging life



Diana Figueroa’s success lies on the Know-How to excellently combine her expertise on Public Relations and Media management and her university studies in the United States of America.

Diana achieved an international position as entrepreneur and content executive producer, creating documentaries, TV, cable and movie series. Nowadays, her work focuses on   creating, writing and developing scripts and screenplays with a special team to be produced for TV series and documentaries.

These contents are clear, adapted and entertaining for the Latin American audience. Their language is according to each country.

Since she was very young she started producing and TV hosting for Colombian shows like Magazin Caracol’, ‘Detrás de De’ y ‘Latino Hits Program’ in the most important television networks.

She worked with Juan Pichardo, a New York based producer, director and editor, with over 15 years’ experience in the TV industry, and Gallco Enterprise for several international brands business and marketing offers.

The adverts production for radio and television was an expertise that helped her working as Commercial and Sales Executive Officer for a renowned movie distribution company in Miami.